In this article, How to skip or Auto Bypass Adfly, Shorte, Linkbucks, And Other Like Websites. For all those who knowingly stop by the blog to download specific files, it isn’t unusual to find several links that are led to pages that are added with advertisements that need that you wait a couple of seconds. That, however, you additionally need to click on the jump button to have the ability to see the first link.

Generally, the connection is an agency URL shortener (shorter URL that functioned advertisements ), for example,, linkbacks. Among the chief reasons why blog owners utilize these links would be, needless to say, their solution to make money in their blog.

Really there’s not anything incorrect we click the URL they supply so it could be mutually beneficial. But in a few instances, frequently these links show advertisements which aren’t great and rather annoying.

For this, for all those who don’t need to get bothered by links by and these, you may use these approaches to prevent it, using the Auto Bypass Adfly script set up on your internet browser.

Skip or Auto Bypass Adfly, Linkbucks, And Other Like Ads with the AdsBypasser Script!

AdsBypasser! It is a script created particularly to bypass URL-shortener broadcasts like and so on to plugins or extensions are known as Tampermonkey (Firefox) and also Tampermonkey (Chrome) you have to install first on your own internet browser.

This script is created by Indonesian People. With this script, then you do not have to wait patiently and click on the jump button simply to see links. Due to this AdsBypasser script! Will automatically bypass this ceremony. Some affirmed URL-shortener links include:

Install the Bypass Script Adfly and the Kind For Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browser 

  • Install the extension Called Tampermonkey in the next page: Tampermonkey Chrome Extension or Tampermonkey mozilla Extension by clicking on the Add to Chrome button.
  • Once Tampermonkey successfully set up, please see the following link: AdsBypasser!.
  • Click on the Install button; then, It Is Going to be directed to the expansion page out of Tampermonkey.
  • Click on the Install button to set it up automatically to Tampermonkey.

Please try to start the connection to begin analyzing it. You’ll be able to Skip or Auto Bypass, Shorte, Linkbucks, and the like without needing to wait or click the Skip button again.


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